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 APASlite is  a stripped-down version of APAS and provides therefore less functionality than APAS except for the far-field calculation and the synthesis of tapers.  Table 1 provides an overview of the differences in functionality between the two versions. Due its reduced functionality APASlite is considerable cheaper in purchase price than APAS. The listed APAS computation time values involved in the simulation the 2-D far-field over complete visible u-v space apply also to APASlite, see Computation Times. 


                       Table 1. Overview functionality APAS and APASlite.
                     Functionality               APAS    APASlite
Extended Far-Field Calculation and Processing              Y            Y
Synthesis Sum and Difference Tapers         Y            Y
Plotting Far-Field Results and Array Illumination         Y            Y
Tabulated Far-Field and Array Illumination Data         Y            Y
Mutual Coupling         Y            N
Monopulse         Y            Y
Pulse Compression         Y            N
Beam Dispersion         Y            N
Two Way Far-Field Calculation         Y            N
Element Phase, Amplitude, Time Delay  and Position Errors         Y            Y
Deterministic Removal Array Elements         Y            N
Deterministic Location Defective Elements          Y            N
Array Noise Figure and Third Order Intercept          Y            N
Synthesis of Thinned Array Antennas         Y            N