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 With APAS almost all calculated numerical results can be visualized in one of the other way. A number of typical examples are shown in the figure gallery below,  

The displayed figures refer to a 2400 element array antenna having a circular aperture. Its diameter is 2.8 m and the elements are arranged in a square grid. The array antenna operates on transmit with a synthesized  -65 dB taper having optimum Taylor like characteristics and featuring a monotonic decay of the sidelobes. The beam is pointed at broadside and the shown calculated results refer to 3 GHz. Also is shown the peak sidelobe distribution of this pattern.

The shown calculated far-field has a resolution of 513 x 513 directions in u-v space and involved 0.06 seconds to compute it including the far-field processing to get the antenna directivity, 3 dB beamwidth for both main planes, beam pointing direction and peak sidelobe level including average sidelobe level.           

Shown is also the element illumination responsible for the sum pattern on transmit. As can be seen from the figure this taper is not corrupted by any error. The last figure shows the the arrangement of the elements across the circular aperture. 


Gallery showing various representative APAS plots