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Calculation Times

Computation Times for APASplus, APAS and APASlite

Table 1 specifies the computer time involved in the calculation of the 2-D far-field (FF) with the indicated resolution for the sector {-1≤ u ≤ 1; -1 ≤ v ≤ 1}  when using a PC equipped with an AMD Ryzen 9 3900x processor @ 3.8 GHz and 32 GB RAM. The listed time values include also the time used for the calculation of the array directivity, precise beam pointing position, 3 dB beamwidth in both main planes, main beam efficiency as well as peak sidelobe level and average sidelobe level.   


Table 1. Computation time 2-D FF.

2-D resolution FF

u-v space



     125x125    0.010  
     251x251    0.015 
     501x501    0.038
    1001x1001      0.12
    2001x2001    0.43
    4001x4001    1.71
   10001x10001   10.2


The results of Table 1 were obtained with the 64-bit version of MATLAB Release 2021b calculated for a circular array antenna equipped with 5.800 radiating elements and refer to all three programs APASplus, APAS and APASlite.  

The listed computation times apply to the calculation of the 2-D far-field in absence of mutual coupling. Including mutual coupling between the array element in the far-field computation, requires larger computation times since for a number of elements the individual embedded element pattern has to be computed; a very time consuming process.