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Demo Version

ArraySoft has been providing quality phased array design software since our founding in 2006. It is our mission to develop state-of-the-art software and consultancy services related to the design, development and testing of passive and active phased array antennas.


APAS DEMO version 

A demo version of APAS with almost the same functionality as with its commercial counterpart can be obtained by using the request form below. This demo version allows you to evaluate the major part of the functionality of APAS.

The demo version contains nine demo designs of representative array configurations. Several of these array designs were used to get the results described in two IEEE AP papers published in March and August 2007, see  Publications.     

All parameters of these nine demo designs can be changed except the geometry of the aperture. Due to this restriction following parameters cannot be modified: aperture shape and its size, element lattice type and element lattice spacing.

Any type of low sidelobe pattern synthesis is feasible, as well as scanning of the main beam, changing the number of phase bits, incorporation of random illumination errors and so on.     



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